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Daisy was born in Lisbon, Portugal, to British parents. She attended the French education system, and discovered a desire to start making art, which led her to Cardiff, Wales. Her practice touches upon multiple art platforms, in particular: photography, drawing, and ceramics. From a young age, photography has allowed her to document her everyday life, taking pictures of friends as they grew up, and depicting the struggles and joys that came with it. Her drawings have been a way of showing others how she sees her surroundings, and the details that might otherwise be missed. Discovering ceramics has given her a way to become even more deeply involved with other people’s lives, as it allows her to bring physical, usable objects into their surroundings. She focuses on people’s interactions, and how objects can have an impact on states of mind, be they positive or, at times, negative.


Photograph by Natasha Goss

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