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I believe that mealtimes, whether in a group or alone, are the ideal setting for conversations and an opportunity to get our thoughts in order. “Feeling Pots” is an attempt to reconsider tableware. These particular pieces are embedded with ideograms, representing eight different emotions any one of which we might feel at times. The rough, hand-built pieces, standing confident in their wonkiness, are meant to replace the usually pristine, machine-made crockery that we surround ourselves with. They are conversation pieces, that can help us to become more open about our emotions, and even bring humour to the table: your plate may be feeling as angry/happy/anxious as you.  Each offers an opportunity to check in with how we are feeling. At the same time, they are reminders that not everything needs to be perfect, and in a world of immaculately manufactured goods, there’s comfort to be found in the irregular. Expressing our emotions is okay. If pots can have feelings, so can you.

Feeling Pots were on display at Cardiff School of Art and Design's 2019 Summer Show,  and New Designers Fair London in July 2019


May 2019

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